We are thrilled to share with you The Lemonade Mindset e-magazine (e-pub) as a COMPLIMENTARY GIFT.  We hope you enjoy reading the Nov. 2019 and Dec. 2019 issues on "Self-Love" and "Joy" (click on links below). Starting January 2020, the magazine will be available on a subscription basis (12 issues per year) only. You can subscribe below. Get ready to step into your purpose in 2020 and beyond!

Email us your thoughts or stories you wish to share about love and anything positive to khadmin@rlpproductions.com or Rebekah@rlpproductions.com. For advertising rates, send an email to rebekah@rlpproductions.com . The deadline for story/article submissions is the 30th of each month.

The February 2020 issue - "Power & Purpose" - is now available. Subscribe today to receive this issue. 

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