Black Wall Street:

The Money, The Music & The People

Black Wall Street: The Money, The Music & the People is a docu-short film which seeks to highlight the remarkable, yet forgotten story of the historic Negro neighborhood, Jackson Ward in Richmond, Virginia. Dubbed “the Black Wall Street” by economists of the early 20th Century because of its economic and financial prowess in a day and age when people of color were deemed incapable of being anything other than a waste of space, the “city within a city” was the epicenter of Negro life and entertainment boasting claim to such memorable and notable daughters and sons as Maggie L. Walker, the first Negro (black) woman to own a bank, and entertainer extraordinaire, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.Visit to learn more.

The War at Home


When Army Sergeant First Class Belinda Oglesby returns home from serving on the frontlines of Afghanistan to find her family falling apart and a dark secret threatening to end the career she’s worked hard for, she struggles to cope with her new “normal” between episodes of PTSD and drinking binges. Like many soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who came home before her, Belinda has come to realize that the toughest battles in life are not the ones fought on foreign soil, but the ones fought at home.

TV DRAMA SERIES NEWS: We are pleased to announce two wins at the Action on Film Festival 2018 for the screenplay, "The War at Home." The work placed as Runner Up in the Alternative/Social Feature category and Rebekah took home the Louis Mitchell Award for Excellence in Writing. Congratulations to Rebekah!